High Octane Shooting

High Octane Turnaround Jumper

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The High Octane Turnaround Jumper is a 5-day workout designed to help develop a basketball player's shot making ability from different spots on the floor while using the turnaround jump shot. The workouts are designed to challenge the athlete's mental capacity to be efficient and consistent. Each section is broken down into specific movements.

For example on Day 5 a movement called: (From the Wing) - Hesi, tween/cross, dribble, change direction move, dribble spin to turnaround is basically saying to start off with a hesitation move, do a between the legs crossover move, use a blow by dribble but change directions using a crossover, between the legs, or behind the back dribble and then spin back into a turnaround jumper.

The workout is set up to help the athlete find various ways to get to their "sweet spot" to rise up for the shot. A week of this workout and the ability to shoot the turnaround jumper will be heightened.